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By Brian Forth

What an honor and at the same time, what a challenge. SiteCrafting is thrilled to be named by The Business Examiner as the Top Place to Work in the category of Employee Appreciation, but --- and here's the big but --- it means we have to live up that honor. A challenge I am glad to take on, given the dedication, commitment, and selflessness shown on a daily basis by our people who truly make SiteCrafting a top place to work.

Sure, we have a lot of very smart, technically minded people working here, but what's more important and worthy of recognition is the fact that we have incredible human beings working here. We have individuals committed to our customers, to our vision, to our community and to each other.

So how did this happen?  And how do I live up to the challenge?

Pay and Play Fair

Everyone wants to make more money. More importantly people want to know they are contributing and their contribution is valued. One way to do that is to offer a solid salary. Be honest about where their salary comes from. Set expectations and when they exceed them, reward them.

Your name is on the bottom of the check, but your customers really pay them...make your team realize that.

Provide Maximum Benefits

Give all of your employees the same benefits you give yourself and your family. End of story.

Get Out of the Way

Establish the standards, articulate the vision, guide and suggest, but ultimately stay out of their way. Trust me, they will surprise you.

Want What's Best

You can't keep everyone happy, but you can wish them happiness and do things to encourage their happiness. Sometimes that happiness lies somewhere else. That's OK.

Protect them, but not too much...

Give them the credit, make them the star, and when things go wrong, keep them from being thrown under the bus.

Be prepared to let them fail, dust them off, and put them right back on the bike, pretty soon they'll be riding like pros.

Be the Model

Lead with the enthusiasm, consistency, and dedication you expect from them. Appreciate them and they will appreciate you.

Say "Thank You" AND mean it!

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