Disappearing SSL Certificates

By Ken Foubert, Web Production Manager

So, your SSL Certificate disappears when attempting to "Complete Certificate Request" on IIS8?

I had the same issue. We needed to reissue our SHA-1 certs to SHA-2 certs so we received the certificates, and then I followed the directions from Geotrust Premium for IIS8 for installing the certificate. There are two important items to be aware of:

  1. The SSL Cert has to be in PKCS#7 format
  2. Be sure to install the intermediate certificate.

For the SSL Cert, if you received an email with the “-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----” section, that will probably be in the wrong format. You will have to download the PKCS#7 format, which you can do by requesting to view the order information.

I did make some mistakes along the way and missed the part of using PKCS#7 format, which probably caused my issue. The problem I was having is when I tried to complete the certificate request on IIS8, the SSL certificate would disappear and there would be no error message. After some digging and reviewing the Certificate snap-on for the MMC console tool on Windows 2012 I learned that the Private Key was not generated correctly. I eventually found an article on Geotrust that showed how to rebuild the private key, then I was able to successfully complete the certificate request. Hopefully, this will help others from avoiding a few hours of trying to figure out the problem.


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