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By Brian Forth

I have a seven year old who loves boxes. He loves building playhouses, cars, and hideouts using as many raw materials and all the imagination he has, and he does it everyday. He has faith in me and depends on me.

 I have a five year old, who loves her daddy more than just about anything and who loves princesses and dress up. She is learning to read and is getting better at it every day. She counts on me to be there, to support her and to love her.

I have a two year old who would rather drive a Tonka dumptruck than pretty much anything in this world. He celebrates every time I walk in the door..."Hi-O Daddy".

I have a wife, who supports me, loves me, and has given me the freedom to explore my dreams, sometimes at the expense of her own sanity. She is the backbone of our family.

I pretty much have all my eggs in the SiteCrafting basket, and so does my family, but we're not the only ones.

No less important is our SiteCrafting team. We have a team with plans of their own. Each one special and important to them individually. Each wanting to make a life for themselves and their families. Each striving to be the best they can be.

In our group, some are starting a family of their own, others buying their first house or paying off student loans - all important.

Tonight SiteCrafting was recognized for growth. For being the sixth fastest growing company in the South Puget Sound. We are honored.

Growth to me does not mean much if we can't take care of the dreams of those who have made the growth possible. It means nothing if we can't further develop the people who have made our company and our customers successful. We need to strengthen their lives, their families and enable them to fulfill their dreams.

So tonight as I thanked our team, the Business Examiner, the sponsors and our customers. I meant a heartfelt "Thank You" . A "Thank You" for believing in the vision, having faith in the plan, and for delivering. Your future is bright; your dreams are safe.

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