Friday office creativity gets out of hand

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By SiteCrafting Staff

Who knew a seemingly innocuous internal email would make for some good laughs and groans? I sure didn't when I invited folks from the office to join in a Friday after work pseudo-tradition.

Local pub Meconi's is known around downtown Tacoma as a solid place to grab a pint and a bite to eat. Add a foosball table into the mix and you've just convinced every twisty-wrist minded guy or gal at SiteCrafting to stop by. Somewhat earlier in the summer we made it there nearly every Friday but, as office and regular life tend to get busy when the Sun's high in our skies, attendance and interest waned.

This week my schedule was clear enough (and those onion rings and cheese sticks were beckoning) that I sent out a quick email to everyone here. I let everyone know a few of us were "headed to Meconi's after work for foos, booz, eats and meets (sorry 'bout that)."

Little did I know that pointing out the accidental rhyming would spawn such a clatter. It started off, innocently enough, with replies like "I, too, intend to attend," and "Since it's rhyme time, I'm in to win."

Here's a transcript of some of the gems that followed:

"Oh yeah? Well if it's foos you choose, prepare to lose!"

"I'm probably heading to the Fair, so I doubt I have time to spare."

"Now that sounds like fun! But if I go I'll have to soon run."

"Its been a really long week in sitecrafting land,
Having a drink with you guys will be quite grand."

And it all finally, thankfully and appropriately ended with this from Mark and Sarah:

"Enough rhyming now, I mean it!"

"Anybody want a peanut?"

Let this be a warning, spread far and spread near, creativity abounds working here for the Gear.

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