Going Local or How We Ate at the Retreat

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By SiteCrafting Staff

For this year's company retreat out near Ellensburg I made it my mission to source as much of our food locally as possible without breaking the bank. My thought was, as a company of 28, the idea of going local and enjoying it stretches farther than before within our ranks. And if was easy and tasty? Well, that's just a win-win!

Here's a list of what we got where:

Cheryl the Pig Lady
Tacoma, WA
- sausage
- ground beef
- kabob beef

Smith Brothers Farms
Kent, WA
- eggs

Vinman's Bakery
Ellensburg, WA
- sandwich bread
- various pastries

Carlson's Quality Produce
Ellensburg, WA
- fruits and vegetables

Wilcox Farms
Washington (via Costco, also technically a WA company)
- more eggs

Some things were delivered and some picked up on our way to the retreat so convenience was, I'd say, high overall. Everything above accounted for about 85% of what we ate on the retreat and we averaged about $4.30 cost per person per meal. We cooked up burgers and kielbasa one night, pancakes the next morning, sandwiches for lunch, skewers the next night, then indulged in pastries the morning we left for our our homes in Spokane, Seattle and Tacoma. Not being much of a cook myself I was more than pleased because the reviews that came back as the team cleaned their plates were great!

Going local isn't just a mantra but a method that, given just a little thought, can easily weave into life and even business. How do you or your company try to go local?

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