Google Analytics Dashboard Updates

By Melissa Duncan, Project Manager

Thank you for your trust in SiteCrafting as your website partner.

We're updating the Google Analytics integration method (OAuth) we are using to power your admin center dashboard. The current method being used will no longer be supported by Google as of 4/20/15.

In order to update this integration, and continue providing statistics from your Google Analytics in the dashboard, we need to make some changes within the Google Analytics account, in addition to the website code.

We will be using the Google Analytics account credentials configured in your website admin center to access your Google Analytics account, and make the following changes:
  • Create project for stats reporting
  • Enable Analytics API
  • Generate authentication credentials
  • Add authentication email address to Google Analytics property (website)
As a result, you may see a security notification from Google about changes to your account, and we wanted to give you a heads-up before this happens, as to not cause any unnecessary alarm.

If you do not wish SiteCrafting to make these changes on your behalf, please contact us as soon as possible.

If we do not make these changes, the ability for Google Analytics to accurately track web traffic to your site will remain unaffected; however we will no longer be able to display this tracking information in your website dashboard.

Mobile-friendly search results

Starting April 21st, Google will begin giving search ranking preference to sites that are mobile optimized. Don't let your site take a hit. Read more on the Google Webmaster Central Blog and then give us a call to make sure your site is ready for these updates.


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