Google Reader Alternatives: A Few Ideas

By Mandi Webster-Martin

Google recently announced plans to discontinue its Google Reader service. I for one am very sad to see it go.

Part of my morning routine is signing in to Google and catching up on all my RSS feeds. Reader isn’t going away until July 1st, but I’ve been proactively looking for a suitable replacement.


This has been my favorite so far, but I’m still not completely sold on it. It seems to most closely mimic the layout of Google Reader, so maybe I’m just getting used to the subtle differences. There are several layout options to choose from, and it currently syncs with Google Reader so you can import all your existing subscriptions.


I’ve been seeing ads for Taptu all over the place (probably because I did a Google search for “Reader replacement”. Taptu’s tagline is “DJ Your News”, meaning you can customize colors for each of your feeds. Their “Stream Store” lets you choose which of your subscriptions you see in the main feed. The feed also only shows the four most recent posts from any source, which I’m not a fan of. Visually, it’s quite fun, with kind of a Pinterest-y feel to it.


I found this to be the most annoying of the three sites I tried. When I visited their landing page I saw an ad about how easy it was to import everything from your Google Reader; all you had to do was create an account. I created an account and was forced to pick three “interests” before I could continue. Once I did that, I couldn’t get back to the screen to import my Google Reader content. The Add Content button only takes me to their “channels” of content.

I know there are several others out there, but these are the few I've explored so far. Do YOU have any recommendations for a Google Reader replacement?

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