How Do You Vine?

By SiteCrafting Staff

Twitter's new social video app Vine is spreading fast and creative uses are already popping up everywhere.

But, much like Instagram, will Vine turn into a place to share what you're eating at any given time of day? My guess is no.

Videos, even short YouTube clips, demand your attention for easily 30 seconds or more. Vine videos are six seconds max -- about the average time it takes to look at, make sense of and actually appreciate most photos -- which makes barriers to watching them low. You also don't have to record your six seconds in one shot but can stop/start recording snippets up to that six second limit by tapping the screen. Instead of just taking a pic of what's for dinner you could easily show brief glimpses of tenderizing your steak, throwing it on the grill with a sizzle, and cutting into its medium rare perfection (or the non-meat equivalent if you prefer).

Signs are pointing to Vine having plenty of success with uses as commercials, previews, news stories, and even stop motion films already out there. How do/might you use Vine? Here are a few creative and meaningful uses I've seen via Vine thus far.

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