Internet Drastically Short on One's

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By SiteCrafting Staff

A dramatic shortage of the number one seems to be affecting websites and networks across the Internet today. Our team is looking into how the issue effects GearBox and our other client tools. What we do know is that the shortage appears to stem from the overuse of the famed first primary number on social media networks like Twitter. It doesn't appear that the number -1 is as hard hit but typos of the number one do lend to an up-tick in use of its negative counterpart. We'll keep an eye on it just to be sure.

For now, please refrain from using the number one when forming numbers large or small. We've also noticed that use of numbers in their fully spelled out versions (e.g. one thousand three hundred fifty two point three seven) does not appear effected by today's shortage. If the issues continue we may issue bugfixes to store and display fully spelled out numbers but, again will keep customers informed if and when that becomes necessary.

Finally, happy 11/11/11 day! Enjoy it 'cause days like this won't roll around for another hundred years. ;)

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