How Google's Mobile-Friendly Update Could Impact Your Business

By Amy Stillman, Web Strategist

Missed Google's Mobile Deadline? It's Not Too Late.

On Tuesday, Google updated its search algorithm to favor websites that are optimized for mobile. Humorously tagged as #mobilegeddon, the change means websites that are responsive or have a separate mobile version will now be given priority in mobile search results over websites without. You can read about the update on Google’s blog.

You might be asking yourself, what does this mean for my website? To summarize, if you don’t have a website that displays in a mobile-friendly way, your website will likely start to drop in search rankings on mobile devices.

Why is this important?

Mobile isn’t new, it isn’t a bandwagon trend. It’s here to stay and is already deeply integrated into our everyday lives. Because of that, most industry experts predict that mobile web traffic will surpass desktop traffic in 2015. And in some industries, it already has. If your website starts to drop in mobile search rankings, your business in general could begin to suffer.

Search is how we find things and search rankings are what make our businesses findable (or not) to potential customers. Google isn’t just a corporation, it’s a verb that permeates our culture and decision making processes. When you need a doctor, you Google that. When you want to find a new restaurant, you Google that. When you need resources and information, you Google that. So, when Google makes a big change like this, it’s in the best interest of every business to pay attention.

But I missed the deadline, is it too late?

It’s never too late to implement a mobile strategy or website improvement that will help your business. Our advice? Get started. 

Responsive web design has been around for years now and has been Google’s preferred method of optimizing your website for mobile since 2012. A responsive website allows you to create a single website that will scale up or down as the screen size changes versus a mobile version that is completely separate website that has to be managed in addition to your desktop website.

How do I know if my website is mobile-friendly?

As with most things, Google has a tool for that. Check out their Mobile-Friendly Test. All you have to do is input your website address and it will tell you if your website is ok or what to change if not.

Can you help me?

Our team has been designing and developing responsive and mobile websites for years. Take a look through our portfolio and see for yourself. The right solution for your website will depend on your business goals and user needs. It’s never too late to get started!

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