Partnering with Our Clients to Create Engaging Websites

By Angie Carson, Content Strategy Coordinator

Last month, SiteCrafting helped launch MultiCare’s 24 Hours at Tacoma General website. The website features content that highlights what happens behind-the-scenes at one of Tacoma’s busiest hospitals.

The MultiCare marketing team planned this project for two years. Their goal was to peel back the curtain and highlight what it takes to run a hospital 24/7, 365 days a year. The hospital runs like a small city with engineers that manage utilities, germ-blasting robots that help clean rooms and more.

To support this massive content undertaking, MultiCare knew they needed a cool website. They came to us with two main requests - the website needed to be visually stunning and it needed to engage visitors. They provided examples of websites with big bold displays, but ultimately told our team to come up with something completely different from any of their current sites.


MultiCare, like many of our clients, asked us for a “cool” website and they truly gave our team free reign to come up with exciting designs and interactions for this project.

Aaron Marth, our senior web designer, was excited by this challenge. “I did a lot of research, looking at websites with timelines, but it all felt the same,” said Marth. “I wanted to find a new, fun way for people to follow along.”

Instead of a linear timeline, Marth came up with the idea for the homepage to feel like a clock. All the articles are based around a circle and when MultiCare adds a story, it becomes a new tick on the clock.

The individual article posts feature large photography and video call-outs which fill the screen and create an immersive experience for visitors.

24 Hours at Tacoma General website - Individual Post


One of the most important requests from the MultiCare team was that the site needed to grab the attention of visitors and then encourage them to explore and read more.

To help accomplish this, Marth suggested using social media posts to populate the space behind the clock. They used the #24HoursatTG hashtag to pull in images from Instagram and it refreshes every time you visit the page. This helps make the site feel fresh everytime you visit.

Another suggestion to keep users engaged was to lazy load the articles. When a visitor clicks into a post, once they get to the bottom, the next one automatically loads. Encouraging visitors to read on and explore more of the content.

The result of this partnership is a truly exciting and engaging website. Analytics from the week of the website launch show that there is an average time spent on their site is 5 - 6 minutes, nearly twice the amount of an average website.

Visit the 24 Hours at Tacoma General Website

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