Please Step Away from the Office

By SiteCrafting Staff

Our marketing team recently decided to update our [already pretty solid] website.

The weekly meeting would be the obvious choice for ongoing planning and brainstorming to get our new site planned but, instead, we tried something else. A change of scenery.

We reserved a spot at local watering hole and pizza place The Hub to hunker down and take the time needed to go through all the ins and outs involved in making a great web experience. With fewer distractions than at the office we led ourselves through the same design questionnaire we give our clients. Nothing was off the table and in our four hours there (two shorter than we'd planned!) we came up with a great set of priorities, common sense solutions, and exciting new ideas to help us better tell the story of SiteCrafting.

Take your team out sometime to get some concentrated work done -- grease the wheels of creativity with food and drink or keep it budget-friendly and occupy a nearby park picnic bench. However you do it, just get out once in a while. You have my permission. ;)

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