Seeing Our Clients Succeed

By Mark Neidlinger

I don't often take the Alaskan Way Viaduct to work, but when I do, it means I'm spending the day at PEMCO assisting with their customer self service site.

But, alas, this is not about PEMCO (that article is forthcoming after my time with PEMCO is up).

You see, while traveling ever so slowly on the Alaskan Way Viaduct, I have had the pleasure of seeing Seattle's new waterfront Ferris Wheel being erected. And it is the familiar red and white crane-on-a-barge that caught my attention. Shining brightly in the water alongside Pier 57 is Manson Construction's own Derrick #3. Their 107 foot derrick barge is assisting with the construction of this 200 foot tall attraction.

Like seeing a client's sponsor signs decorating the outfield wall at Cheney Stadium or a t-shirt adorned with the logo of a client's non-profit organization, seeing our clients "out in the wild" always brings a smile to my face. And a part of me still can't get over the awe of a giant crane (I think I'd rather take a turn operating that crane than riding the Ferris Wheel right now).

It looks like my PEMCO days will extend beyond the opening of the new Ferris Wheel, so I'll be sure to jet down there and take a ride on it.

Congratulations to Manson Construction for landing the bid and doing an excellent job putting a new Seattle skyline feature in place!


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