SiteCrafting at WordCamp Seattle

By Terri Daly

WordPress: Versatile enough to build sites for LL Cool J and Harvard University.

When developing a web project, we at SiteCrafting will either code from scratch or take advantage of reliable tools available to us. The goal is to use the best tool for the job and create the best site to meet the client's needs. WordPress is one of the many tools in our toolbox.

At the end of June, a group of us (Web Application and Front End Developers) attended WordCamp Seattle and had the opportunity to sharpen our skills using WordPress.

Key Takeaways:

  • WordPress is not only powerful but its also easy. The admin center is very straightforward, everything from managing users or settings, modifying a theme, creating posts or uploading content, everything is quite straightforward and easy for the admin.
  • Our current process for new projects can be honed in a way that could naturally make sense. Using the "content first" approach would speed up the project process from start to launch.
  • The website is for the user – not the client and not the web team. If we remember that, we can design and develop a highly trafficked site.
  • Not everyone is at the same skill level when it comes to navigating around something we might think requires little to no knowledge to use, we must force ourselves to think like a user to understand how someone might think it is supposed to work, and how we can improve their experience through reinforcing their confidence as a web user.
  • As our use of the web continues to evolve, so will the ways we develop for it.
  • Approaches like Style Prototyping and Atomic Design are great jumping-off points for designing and developing in our increasingly complex industry.
  • Plugins are a great place to put your custom code for reuse and it's not that hard if you know the WordPress Way.
  • Don't be afraid to share and get feedback – it helps you grow. Use your tools. Teach something right after you learn it. Be nice, be friendly. The breadcrumbs you leave will be for you.

WordCamp was great for reinforcing what we already knew, as well as teaching us a few new tips and tricks. We returned to work excited to dive in to new web projects.

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