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By SiteCrafting Staff

Dan Voelpel begs the following question in yesterday's Tacoma News Tribune: "If I asked you to name the most underrated business in Tacoma, what would you say?"

First on Voelpel's list was SiteCrafting. The article defined "underrated" by those local firms that are either well-known but who's contributions are deeper than at first glance or others, like us, who fly somewhat under the radar but do great business.

From the article:

What does a guy with a double major in theology and philosophy do? Start a small company that creates sophisticated Web applications. That's what Brian Forth did in 1998. Now, Sitecrafting has become the predominant ? and growing ? go-to Web development firm for more than 160 South Sound governments and companies. The long list of clients includes the City of Puyallup, Starbucks, Bellarmine Preparatory School and MultiCare Health System.

I guess the secret is now officially out. ;) Don't worry, we won't go and get swelled heads over this. Instead, we'll just keep serving our clients well and serving them up the most useful web apps anywhere.

Link to the Tacoma News Tribune

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