Social Media for Business: Tagging

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By Mandi Webster-Martin

Last Friday I spoke to the Wake Up University Place/Fircrest business group about social media and why you should be using it for your business. This is a series of three presentations I'll be giving over the next couple of months. Since many businesses are relatively new to social media, I gave a brief overview and then explained the basics of creating a Facebook page for your business.

About half the group already had a Facebook page for their business and were more interested in how to properly utilize it. One of the questions asked at the end of the presentation was what "tagging" was and why they should be using it.

Most people with a personal Facebook page are familiar with the concept of tagging. You start typing the name of a friend and a little box appears below your status with that person's name and profile picture.

If you select that person's name, their name turns blue and you've tagged them. That person will then be notified that you tagged them in a post. This is a valuable tool for businesses if used properly.

Tagging online is similar to name dropping during a face to face conversation where the person you’re talking about is close enough to overhear you. If you’re saying something positive, that person will be appreciative and hopefully return the favor in one of their conversations.

If you’ve never tagged a business before, it's very simple:

1. “Like” that business. Make sure you’re using FB as your business page (as opposed to your personal page). Go to their business page and click the "like" button.

2. Start mentioning them in your posts, but do it deliberately. Don’t tag them just to get their attention. Make sure there’s value in your post. Thank them for a great meeting, mention something interesting they’re doing as a business, or share an interesting and relevant news article with them.

If you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re tagging businesses as well. Many businesses actively search for mentions in order to monitor the online conversations being had about them. Mention them in a positive way and you’ll probably get a thanks (or even a retweet). 

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