Social Media Spam Serves As Security Reminder

By SiteCrafting Staff

Social media networks seem to be under heavy fire from hackers and spammers.

Facebook was the target of sophisticated attack (same with Apple), high profile brands like Burger King and Jeep on Twitter have been hijacked in the last week, plus, have you received a private Twitter message that goes something like this?

"Did you see this pic of you? lol"

That message is immediately followed by a short URL that links to a very Twitter looking domain name and a clean, simple Twitter-branded page (see image below) asking for you to sign in where they'll, no doubt, co-opt your access info and spam out similar messages to others.

twitter password hack form
Seems legit enough but this screen is hosted at not and will steal your account info

What does this mean for you? Well, it should serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of being mindful of basic security with the various accounts all of us have all over the 'net. Here's what these attacks/exploits have reminded me to do:

  • Don't click links that you're not sure where they might lead especially if a direct message like the one above seems out of context or completely unprompted.

  • Check the domain to make sure it's the real deal. You don't have to be an IT guru to spot when someone's trying to dupe you with a misspelled version of a popular domain name.

  • Reset your passwords from time to time. This can be a hassle but do it a few times a year on your most important accounts (like email, banks, social media, etc.) and you'll feel good that you did.

  • Create a strong password or, better yet, a passphrase that's harder to guess than the town you live in plus the current year. Here's a good summary on creating strong passwords and avoiding not-so-strong ones.

When's the last time you reset your passwords?

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