Twitter Takes On Search

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By SiteCrafting Staff

With the recent homepage redesign it is clear twitter is out to take a chunk of the search market. Searching the web using twitter is a different type of search though.
Traditionally search results are presented to a user because the search engine tells them these are the results that are most relevant. The end user really has no connection to that result and really doesn't understand why such a result is ranked and presented to them. Nearly all of the data in these search engines is either crawled by bots or submitted by individual sites.

The twitter search approach is much different. When you search for a topic you are presented with a bit of commentary then a link to an article or blog that relates to the topic you are searching for. The relationship information that you get when searching on twitter is what makes it important. You now have the individual's twitter name, their commentary, as well as when it was "tweeted" so you can take this all into account before you decide if that bit of information is relevant. All of the content you are searching is user submitted so only information that users feel is relevant is added to the search pool.

As usual there are people out there to game these systems but a relationship based search is definitely a smart move and I look forward to the evolution of the real-time web integrating with traditional search.

Right now each type of search has its place but be on the look for a merger of the two types. From a PR perspective its potentially a reputation management nightmare but definitely something to think about.


What are your thoughts on the future of real time search?

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