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By SiteCrafting Staff

Leslie, our marketing intern, gives us the lowdown on the Vine video app vs. Instagram Video.

As an Instagrammaholic, the new Instagram video feature came as quite a surprise to me. A brilliant, slightly anticipated one in fact. After reading a flurry of Facebook posts about the new addition, I found that most of my fellow Instagrammers felt the same way. To those that didn't, I had to ask "Why are you NOT excited about this?" out of utter shock, because the new addition seemed like the BEST idea ever in the entire world. Their reason was Vine, another smartphone video-recording app. Out of curiosity, I started using Vine to compare it to Instagram's new video feature. After giving both a whirl, it was obvious that both apps shared similar video recording features, and some that were strikingly dissimilar. So, here is what I've come up with:

About Vine:
After its launch in January 2013, and over 13 million uploads later, Vine has become one of the most popular smartphone apps that records video in an easy way. With Vine, users can record short, looping, creative video clips to share on the app, in addition to expanding their reach to friends, family and the world while also sharing their content on Twitter, Facebook, or web embed onto a website or blog. Viners can explore trending hashtags, popular posts and editor's picks using Vine's explore feature. With this app, users can post free, unlimited video to Vine on an iPod or iPhone 3G and higher running iOS 5.0 or newer, and Android devices with 4.1 or later.

About Instagram:
Known for cropped, square photos with custom designed filters, the infamous Instagram has recently added a new feature: video. Like posting Instagram photos, Instagrammers can post their filter-enhanced square-shaped videos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, email, or web embed onto a blog or website. With Instagram, users can create an album of photos and videos for free on iPhone 3G devices or newer running iOS 5.0 or later, and Android devices with 4.1 or later.

My Thoughts:
After comparing Vine and Instagram Video, Instagram definitely takes the upper-hand in this round. I can see why many smartphone users prefer taking video using Instagram, yet, I can also see why many choose to stick with Vine.

If you are an Instagrammaholic like me, you now get the best of both worlds: an archive of enhanced, visually-appealing photo and video, but that's not how Vine rolls. With Vine, users get an endless supply of six-second, unedited videos that are loud, entertaining, and novel. As Viners scroll through their Vine feed, they'll experience automatic, quick glimpses into other's lives or will watch content that is just plain weird.

Generally speaking, the layout of the Instagram app is very user-friendly. While Vine only shows content in list form, Instagram gives users three ways to view their own and other's content in list form, thumbnails, and photo map which displays tiny thumbnails showing where photos and video were taken. One distinguishing feature that sets Instagram a part from Vine is the news feed feature. On a Vine feed, you will see your content along with video from those you're following and those you're not, such as editor's picks and featured videos. This can be quite bothersome to some users, considering some featured videos are not from people they know, or are clearly inappropriate or unappealing. On an Instagram news feed, however, you will only see content from others you are following.

There is one feature that both apps don't have, and that's the ability to save a video draft. Both apps should jump on this fast.

As far as recording length goes, both apps allow users to take a number of short, separated clips. However; users can take up to15 seconds of video using Instagram, while Vine records only six seconds. Six seconds seems perfectly appropriate for Vine considering it's Twitter's baby. For Instagram, 15 seconds may seem too long, but the longer recording option gives users an opportunity to record even MORE. What's better? More or less?

Like capturing photos on Instagram, recording video is similar, if not better. Instagram's video feature offers even more free filters to choose from than the photo feature, and you have the ability to choose which frame of the video you want displayed as the video's cover photo to be displayed on the Instagram feed. Providing filters can enhance the appearance of a video, such as highlighting dark areas, evening out the amount of light, etc.. When users record on Vine, filters aren't provided. But maybe this is a good thing? After all, filters can sometimes dull the quality of a photo or make it look unnatural. Without filters, Viners have to be exceptionally creative when it comes to making short video clips. You really can only do so much with so little time to record video. Or maybe not...

So, my question for all of you Vine and/or Instagram users out there is: Which do you prefer and why?

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