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Quality Assurance Analyst

This position is responsible for Quality Assurance (QA) procedures for all SiteCrafting projects. This role is expected to adhere to project budgets and milestones relating to QA tasks. This role routinely interfaces with the discovery, design and development teams, and will support the Project Management team by providing information requested and needed for client communication.

Required Experience/Skills

Technical Skills

  1. Able to create test plans and test cases, scaled appropriately to project size, deliverables, budgets, and end users.
  2. Have a basic understanding of development, design and UI/UX best practices
  3. Have a solid understanding of QA best practices
  4. Comfortable coding test cases as Selenium browser tests in PHP
  5. Be able to navigate a Linux environment and use basic commands

Communication & Analysis Skills

We're looking for someone with a solid attention to detail and someone that can act as a user advocate through their QA work, especially in testing and understanding how different personas will use a site. We want to make the web a better place, and QA is an essential part of delivering a great online experience to our customers.

Depending on the needs of a project, we may work in either a Waterfall or Agile style, or somewhere in between. Being flexible and willing to try new tools or techniques is something we’re keen on. There is an expectation that this role will be able to work with our project managers to craft test plans that balance our quality expectations with our clients’ budgets and timelines. Keeping test plans updated over the course of a project is important, as will be keeping all QA documentation in good order for each project.

Our projects tend to have fewer than four developers that actively work on them at any given time, though each developer will usually have a couple projects going simultaneously. You’ll be able to work closely with a project’s development team, often with one or two developers on a project.

Development isn’t the only thing we’re expecting this role to review, you’ll also be working with designers on the visual quality of a site, UI/UX on usability issues, and system administrators on performance. Being able to justify your decisions around how issues are classified and how you think they should be followed-up on is important. However, you’ll also need to work with other team members should there be disagreements on issue importance.

Hiring Process

We want to make sure we find the right person for this role, so it may take a little time until we wrap up the hiring process. Our hire really needs to be the right fit for our team, but we also need to be the right fit for you. This posting will stay open until February 10, 2015 and we hope to make a decision by March 6, 2015.


If you are interested in this position, please submit an application here.