GearLab - Guided Experience and Research

Informed design

GearLab is a user experience and design research lab. We bring business goals and customer needs together by asking the right questions to learn what works for people. We help businesses apply user-focused solutions to website and product design, creating better outcomes.

GearLab provides tools that enable you to:

  • Understand your customer needs and expectations
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Make information more findable
  • Create more accessible websites
  • Understand how your customers interact with your website
  • Evaluate effectiveness of website interactions
  • Measure your website's performance

How We Do It

Our process is rooted in design thinking. We blend research and creativity to design solutions that are intuitive for real people to use.

Design thinking is a mindset and way of approaching projects that results in more useful solutions for your customers. When applying design thinking, we follow these core steps:

  • Learn from people
  • Find patterns
  • Design principles
  • Make it tangible
  • Iterate relentlessly

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Discover business and user needs through research.


Generate design concepts that meet user needs and business goals.


Build interactive designs that execute on the research and concepts.


Test how the prototype works with real users and rework based on results


Provide a complete design specification ready to be developed.


User Research

Tree Testing Card Sorting Surveys

Content Strategy

Taxonomy Information Architecture Content Production Planning

Usability Testing

Functional Testing Reliability Testing First-Use Testing


Prototyping Wireframes Complete Design Specification

Who We Are

Approach / Philosophy

We apply design thinking to create solutions that focus on users and their challenges. Through understanding the problems they face we can design unique and innovative solutions that fit the users' limitations and needs.

Top Tier Facility

GearLab is equipped with the latest technology for testing across all platforms and screen sizes, including an eye tracking system that records the movements of a subject's saccades. The Lab is separated into two spaces - the lab itself and an observation room, creating flexibility to fit the testing that makes sense for your project.

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