SiteCrafting Launches Upgraded Business Planner for North Coast Electric


We're pleased to announce the launch of an upgraded Business Planner app for North Coast Electric.

SiteCrafting has been developing web solutions for North Coast Electric since 2000, including a Learning Management System, an intranet, B2B ordering systems, e-commerce, and class registration management.

The original Business Planner app was built 10 years ago and needed to be upgraded to the newest technology. Used internally, the app allows managers to create plans and events tied to the key objectives of the company. Action items can be created, submitted for approval, and added to employee calendars. The app also ties in to North Coast's Learning Management System and Office 365.

Before starting the upgrade, we met with NCE managers and conducted user research, which informed our HTML prototypes. These prototypes allowed NCE managers to preview the new user interface before moving into development. The new interface has been simplified and optimized to work on mobile devices.

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