SiteCrafting Launches New Site for Puyallup Watershed Initiative


Today SiteCrafting announced the launch of a new website for Puyallup Watershed Initiative.

The Russell Family Foundation has been working for more than a dozen years to restore and protect the health of Puget Sound. In 2012 they launched a new 10-year commitment to work with people in the Puyallup River watershed -- an area marked by dramatic differences in landscapes, demographics, and activities. The Puyallup watershed stretches from headwaters on Mount Rainier through forest and farmland, floodplain and suburb, estuary and industrial waterfront in Tacoma where the river meets the Sound.

The Puyallup Watershed Initiative is an invitation to people and organizations to work together to identify environmental and social challenges affecting their community, decide how best to tackle them, and then do so.

The new website is powered by WordPress and features responsive design, allowing the site to transition easily from desktop to tablet to mobile devices. Additional features include an events calendar, news management, and social media integration.

Learn more at

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