SiteCrafting Launches New Site for Susan Russell Hall


Today SiteCrafting announced the launch of a new website for Susan Russell Hall. 

Susan Russell Hall is an artist living in Tacoma, Washington. The first 27 years of her career were spent working in operating rooms as a medical illustrator, documenting over 6500 different surgeries. Susan’s work eventually transitioned from medical drawings to encaustics and pyrographs. Encaustic painting involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. Her pyrographs involve using a blowtorch to draw with flame on paper. Her work is on display in galleries, museums, and private collections across the US.

To honor such an illustrious career, SiteCrafting needed to create a site that would highlight both the volume and variety of her work. Susan Russell Hall wanted a site that not only showed examples of her local work, but also then directed individuals to her partner retailers in Seattle and Sun Valley. SiteCrafting built a responsive website that displays beautifully on mobile, tablet, and desktop. The GearBox powered content management system easily manages an unlimited number of galleries and provides a scalable platform that can accommodate new features as needed. Learn more at

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