SiteCrafting Launches New Website for Lane Transit District


We're excited to announce the launch of a new website for Lane Transit District.

The new site is powered by GearBox and includes both a desktop and a dedicated mobile site. The desktop site includes news management, a blog, an events calendar, ad management, route info, and the ability to create site-wide alerts. Content on the mobile site is sorted by geolocation and contains information that is most timely and relevant information to people using hand held devices. 

Started in 1970, Lane Transit District has provided transportation services to Eugene-Springfield and our surrounding communities. Since that time, awareness of the relationship between automobile traffic and quality of life has increased. Not only does the community want alternatives to relieve problems with increased traffic, federal and state governments have demanded it. LTD has responded to the challenge and has become a leader in shaping local and regional transportation strategies. 

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