SiteCrafting to Build Sponsorship Tool for Auction of Washington Wines


Today SiteCrafting announced plans for a new minisite for Auction of Washington Wines.

The new minisite will allow Auction of Washington Wines staff to create promotional codes for their sponsors. The codes will allow a certain number of people to register as complementary guests to the AWW Picnic and Barrel Auction. The codes are unique to each sponsor organization and will cease to work once the guest threshold has been reached. Guests will also be able to pre-register for auction paddles, creating an easier check-in experience at the Picnic and Barrel Auction.

The Auction of Washington Wines is an annual event held in Washington state that benefits Uncompensated Care at Seattle Children’s Hospital. A portion of the funds also support Washington State University Viticulture and Enology, which aims to support the growth of a world class enology and viticulture program through the education, training and research, currently funding the Endowed Chair of Viticulture and Enology at Washington State University.

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