5 Types of Content You Can Share on Social Media Right Now

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Angie Carson

As marketers, we know how challenging it can be to continuously post interesting content on multiple platforms. But don’t fall into the trap of reposting the same content over and over again. 

Remember, quality over quantity. Focus on creating content that attracts your audience and keeps them informed. Content that adds value and excites your customers sparks engagement.

We put together this list of content ideas to help you fill up your content calendar and engage your followers.

1. Showcase Your Work Culture

5 Types of Content You Can Share Right Now 6

Kitsap Bank introduces team members on social with a fun set of relevant Q&A. 

Your followers want to learn about more than just your product or service, they want to know who they’re working with. Let people get to know you, your team and your workplace. 

Showcasing your work culture strengthens the relationship between you and your customers. Sure they like your product, but they also like that you’re a family-owned business. Tell them more about your family and the history of your company and they may be more likely to buy from you again. In short, tell your story.

Content ideas:

  • Introduce your team members each week, bonus points for office pets.
  • Tell the history of your company.
  • Show off your space.
  • Share your company mission and values.

2. Get Behind the Scenes

5 Types of Content You Can Share Right Now 4

Darigold shares a behind-the-scenes look at how its FIT milk is produced. 

Let people behind the curtain and show off all the hard work you and your team put into your product or service. So often we, as consumers, see something at face value. It’s always interesting to learn how something is made. 

Bonus, this gives you a chance to show off specific features of a product or even highlight a certain service you offer. Behind-the-scenes content allows you to put even the smallest details on display. 

Content ideas: 

  • Feature departments and what they do, maybe even let them take over your Instagram stories for the day.
  • Highlight specific features. Show off that pocket hidden in the dress or the hidden inspirational phrase at the bottom of the mug.  
  • How do you make your product? Take video or photos of an item from the beginning to the finished product. 
  • Even meetings can be interesting, especially if post-it notes are involved. Take a photo of your brainstorming session and let your followers know you’re coming up with new ideas. 

3. User-generated content

5 Types of Content You Can Share Right Now 9

KidsQuest Children’s Museum re-shares visitor stories on Instagram. 

Ask your followers and your employees to share photos or videos of them using your product or service or interacting with your company. Sharing user-generated content can increase your engagement and impressions on social media. 

Content ideas: 

  • Show how you use your product or service.
  • Take reviews from customers and create images or posts.
  • Don’t have any photos or reviews? Ask your followers for reviews or to share photos/videos using a specific hashtag. 

4. Share content related to your community or industry

A good way to fill in gaps in your content calendar is to find content related to your community or industry and share that with your followers. This type of content highlights your commitment to your community, provides additional expertise and ties in with your company culture. 

Content ideas: 

5 Types of Content You Can Share Right Now 5

KPG shares about a local event it helped sponsor and tagged other community partners.

  • Share fun community events that you might also be participating in. For example, did your work create a team for a fun run? Or maybe one of your department has a softball team?
  • Follow similar accounts on Twitter or Instagram and repost some of their work. Be sure to tag them.
  • Find industry blogs and share articles your peers might find informative
  • Ask your employees what they’re reading or who they’re following. You might find some interesting content to share.

5. Revisit old content

5 Types of Content You Can Share Right Now 11

Most-visited pages and blog posts on Google Analytics.

The internet is not keeping score on how many times you share an image or blog post. Repost your popular content. Use Google Analytics to see which products, blog posts, or pages are getting the most visits. Need help setting up Google Analytics for your site? We’ve got you covered. You can also use Facebook Insights to see which posts are getting the most engagement. 

Content ideas:

  • Feature your best sellers.
  • Choose a different image from a past photoshoot.
  • Update outdated but popular blog posts and reshare.
  • Take posts with a lot of engagement and find a similar content to share.

One last tip: remember to think about the format of your content. Mix it up with videos, stories, images, and text posts.