7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

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Zackariya Lan

Why social media marketing (SMM) is essential to your overall business marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is a form of digital marketing that includes producing and sharing content on social media platforms in order to achieve marketing goals. The use of social media has grown substantially in the last several years. According to Social Media Today, about 3 billion active social media users are present today — that’s a lot of people. There’s a high chance your audience is on these platforms, and it’s a great opportunity for your business to get in front of them without having to spend a huge part of your budget.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

A common belief is that if a business is not in the digital world, such as having a website and/or social media profiles, they seem to not exist. People now use social media platforms to search for information, they don’t just use social media to connect with friends and family anymore. Approximately 90% of those 3 billion active users try to connect to brands and businesses on social, which will influence their future purchasing decisions. Be visible in the digital world with an active presence on social media in order to be seen by your current and potential customers.

7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Now that we’ve covered why being actively involved in the social media community is vital for your business, let’s go over some of the benefits of social media marketing.

1. Brand Awareness

Customers typically buy products from brands they are familiar with and trust, so it’s important to have brand awareness goals as part of your marketing strategy. People use mobile devices and computers to search for products and services all the time, which means it’s a good idea to have well-established online accounts in order to be visible to a wide range of audiences. In contrast to traditional marketing, it’s quicker and easier for your brand to be in front of more eyes using social media than other methods, such as billboards or print ads.

2. Increase Website Traffic

Social media is a great opportunity to lead consumers to your website. Since not all of your website visitors will come from search engines, having established social media accounts will provide an additional route to bring in more potential customers.

3. Cost-Effective

Social media is one of, if not the most, cost-effective part of any marketing strategy. It is free to create a company profile for most of the social media platforms, so there is really no excuse for a business to neglect this opportunity from a budget perspective. In addition, the main social media platforms contain paid promotions and advertising abilities that are relatively affordable compared to other marketing techniques. As a result, the ROI can be substantially higher than other marketing efforts, which is something all business leaders can appreciate.

4. Increase Sales

While social media marketing is not primarily focused on selling, it can help increase sales by developing and maintaining healthy connections with your target audience, while showcasing your products, case studies, testimonials, and the like. From these connections, it would be natural for them to consider your products and services over the rest of the competition.

5. Brand Loyalty and Trust

Developing brand loyalty is something businesses should focus on in their marketing efforts, including yours. Social media allows your business to engage and interact with your current and potential customers in a direct, personal way, which will then help increase their trust in your brand. The ability to communicate directly to customers and showcase your brand’s authenticity through social content helps inform your customers on new services and products, promotions, company-based events, mission statement and values, and much more. Importantly, your brand can help resolve customer issues and answer customer questions quickly and directly.

6. Thought Leadership and Delivery

Keep in mind: Creating content is one thing, but delivering it is another. This is where social media becomes important as your business is able to deliver content to those who are most likely to be interested and will potentially share your content with others, which helps to build strong relationships with your business. If the content is helpful and influential, then your business will potentially be seen as a thought leader within the industry. Therefore, strategizing and implementing a well-planned social marketing strategy with valuable, fresh content can help your audience see you as an industry leader and help you stand out among your competitors.

7. Competitive Edge

You’ll be able to analyze how your competition is performing since social media profiles are usually visible to the public. You’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity by finding shortfalls and strengths, which can be achieved by performing a social analysis of your competitors’ online performances. You can use the information to optimize your own social media marketing strategy, which will ultimately obtain new customers and drive more sales.

Don’t Get Left Behind

From mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 100s, many businesses utilize social media marketing in one way or another. From the benefits mentioned, it’s important to have a social media strategy to enhance your overall marketing strategy, which is aligned with your overall business goals to help build your brand and increase sales. Therefore, seize this opportunity of creating a social media strategy, because ignoring it can potentially do more harm than good to your business.

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