A Blog Post About Case Studies

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Jen Rittenhouse

Case studies. It was the theme of my interviews with SiteCrafting and the focus of my first week and a half in the office as a new team member. 

Then it became Tiger King.

Does anyone remember Tiger King?

Before we swap memories and first-watch experiences (I have thrice seen tiger, and tiger saw a man) I should like to remind everyone that this was more than 22 weeks ago. A time when we had nothing but time. A time when the can’t-make-this-stuff-up distraction of Joe Tiger was a warm embrace on the cusp of a global pandemic. That right there could be a case study in how we pass the time when the world is falling apart.

Nevertheless, I digress. Back to SiteCrafting’s case studies. 

Showcasing Success with Stories

Our case study template on our website was due for a makeover. It had served us well for many years but our team recognized its storytelling limits. SiteCrafting develops websites and has for more than 20 years. However, our business has evolved and our areas of expertise have expanded beyond website design and development to user experience, content strategy, digital marketing, SEO, copywriting and branding

We have big stories to share about the work we do and needed a case study template that could amplify our capabilities  — and celebrate the success of our clients. 

We also wanted a design with impact. We are problem solvers in a digital world. Bringing forward the range of approaches we take to find solutions for clients was essential. 

We kicked off the case study redesign convo by identifying our goals, examining our analytics and researching the case study landscape. We synced on style, honed our strategy, selected which case studies to move to a new template (and which to retire), and created a template with design elements that were interactive and engaging. 

Narrating with Multi-Dimensional Visuals

Parallax scroll brings the depth and perspective of deliverables through on the first click. This feature also provides a robust showcase of website deliverables including search features and interior website pages. 

Customization and flexibility are the superheroes of our new case study design. Flexible content patterns provide new opportunities to pair words with imagery to tell a multidimensional story of each project. And customized iconography and client color palettes complement each case study page. 

Last but not least, the team members who contributed to the project are featured at the bottom of each page with a photo, title and a link that takes you to their profile page. It’s a cast of characters that rival the Tiger King crew and a love letter to our clients for their ongoing partnership.

Shout out to the team who made it happen: Aaron Marth, Aly VanCleave, Angie Carson, Glen Weiman and Reena Hensley. #dreamteam 

Check out the new look and feel of our case studies.