A Day in the Covid-19 Life of a Working Mom and SiteCrafting’s Manager of Web Strategy

Angie Carson

Angie Carson balances all the things: content strategy, naptime, Slack video calls, project deadlines, kindergarten assignments, bike rides, writing and more. A day in the life is orderly chaotic at the Carson household — we are equal parts impressed and grateful for her dedication.

I’m working from home with my husband and two boys. We’ve found that the best way to work at home with a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old is by splitting up the day. One of us takes care of the kids in the morning while the other works and then we switch in the afternoon. Here’s what a typical day looks like:

7:15 am – Toddler wakes me up by trying to gently pry my eyelids open. 

7:45 am – Both kids are out of bed and I start some coffee. 

8:00 am – Husband and I discuss our work schedules to see who is going to take the first half of the day to watch the kids. Today, it’s my turn.

8:15 am – Make breakfast for everyone and turn on cartoons for the kids while I enjoy my coffee, check my emails, and set my status letting the rest of the team know that I’m out this morning and will be available in the afternoon. 

9:00 am – Get my oldest kid started with school work. 

10:45 am – My toddler starts rubbing his eyes and is getting tired, so I feed him an early lunch. 

11:45 am – While my youngest naps, my 5-year-old and I go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. 

12:30 pm – Eat lunch and start checking on my email and any messages on Slack. 

1 pm – Head downstairs to our office, clean the legos and markers off my desk and settle in for work. I like to write down the three things that need to be completed to by the end of the day. It helps keep me on track. 

3:30 pm – The kids are getting restless and I can hear them screaming and jumping upstairs. I take a break and we all go for a family bike ride. 

4:00 pm – Get back to work. 

6:00 pm – Finish up – it’s time for dinner. I have one more item on my list to finish, writing part of a case study, but I decide to tackle that once the kids go to sleep. Besides, I can focus better when it’s quiet in the house. 

An extra special cheers to the SiteCrafting moms this Mother’s Day. We see you and we appreciate you for showing up for our clients, our teammates and your families during this unprecedented time.