A Letter from our Leader

Brian Forth 6 Brian Forth


Thank you for your support of SiteCrafting. For the past 23 years we’ve been driven to join arm to arm with our partners, clients and friends to solve problems and bring about a better world through the products and services we provide. We’ve assembled a team that’s second to none in the South Sound and we service clients from all over the world. This team is dedicated to each other and to your success. Our values of earning trust, dedication, getting $#!t done, staying curious, doing our research, and teamwork have guided us for these many years and will continue to guide us going forward.

I have some news to share. I am taking what I hope to be, a short medical leave from day to day at SiteCrafting.

In 1973 I had “fully corrected” tetralogy of fallot open-heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (you can read the blog post here) and now 48 years later I am scheduled for another open-heart surgery next Friday (5/14) in Spokane. Apparently my heart did not get the memo that it was supposed to have been “fully corrected”

As you can imagine, once I heard that I needed this surgery I sought out the best providers and locations —  locally, regionally, and nationally. It ends up that one of the world’s best for someone in my situation is in Spokane. I have all the confidence in the cardiology team, surgeons, nurses and support staff. We feel we’ve mitigated the risks we see and are confident in a full recovery and an improved runner and rock climber.

I’m hopeful this one lasts another 48 years.

I anticipate needing 6-8 weeks of recovery and the SiteCrafting team will happily update you on my status should you have questions. You can also follow me on Instagram to follow my journey.

I have full confidence in our SiteCrafting team to step up in my absence. They are built to serve and the best thing you can do is to continue to ask them to.

I have nothing but gratitude for you and our friendship.

Climb on,