Book Review: You’re My Favorite Client

Brian Forth

I Have Been Writing This Book in My Head for Nearly all of the 15 Years of SiteCrafting’s Existence

Now, let’s get a few things out there up front:

  1. When I say writing, I mean I’m imagining writing.
  2. The book I’m talking about in this post is more well written, by an author infinitely more qualified on the subject than I am.
  3. This is a book I hope you will read. If you want a copy, we are buying them to share with our Favorite Clients and soon-to-be Favorite Clients.

This excellent book is You’re My Favorite Client by Mike Monteiro (@monteiro for Twitter fans)

The premise of this book is simple: how to be a great client of an agency like ours. It covers everything from selecting a designer to dealing with success and failure within a project. It outlines a process most companies like ours go through to arrive at a successful project and helps the client understand the requirements and the limits of their role in the success of the project. I have to say that agencies and designers the world over have probably also been writing or waiting for this book. Designers who weren’t are likely giving the professionals who do take client services seriously a really bad name.

While I am proud that many of the processes described in the book are already standard operating procedure at SiteCrafting, I am reminded that sometimes the school of hard knocks (which got us to where we are) was necessary and helped us arrive where we are today. This book, had it come sooner, may have helped us get there faster.

Here are a few things we are going to put into practice immediately – which when you read the book (remember, I will give you a copy if you visit us) may make more sense.

  1. We will be more specific about the types of feedback we seek at certain points and ensure the client understands and has clear methods for providing that feedback.
  2. We will continue to insist that project goals are clear and that research, documentation, and adherence to the defined project goals be the measuring stick of success.
  3. Remind our team that while we want clients happy, the best way to do that is to solve defined problems and to achieve the goals outlined from the start and not just by making the logo bigger or adding a favorite color.

Thank you, Mike Monteiro, for this book. It will be standard issue to all new clients and holiday gifts for the clients we are privileged to serve at SiteCrafting.