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New Web Presence Plus SEO Helps Darigold Be Udderly Amazing


Darigold, the marketing and processing subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association, is a farmer-owned and led cooperative founded in 1918.

Problem Overview

The co-op wanted its website to have the flexibility to display new products in various ways while weaving the story of its mission and values throughout. In addition, the Darigold team wanted a search engine optimization strategy that worked in tandem with the website to achieve their marketing goals.


Content Strategy
Managed Hosting
User Research
Web Development

Thanks as ever for all you do. Really appreciate your time and insights.
Tafline Laylin Darigold
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A Fresh New Website

Displaying products in a new and exciting way was one of the priorities of this project. SiteCrafting embraced the opportunity to bring the co-op’s story forward and showcase its thought leadership in the dairy industry. The work began with a website. One highlight was creating a new custom template for introducing FIT Milk, a new product.

Research Powers Keywords. Keywords Power Content.

The team at Darigold provided a list of strategic keywords that they wanted to rank for in search engine result pages. SiteCrafting used this list as a starting point and conducted research on important search attributes including search volume, difficulty and click-thru rate. This research validated the target lists and uncovered new keywords that folded into the strategy. The deliverable was an in-depth list of keywords, related searches and questions for the client. These keywords were also used to optimize the content on the Darigold website and served as a starting point for generating an editorial content calendar.

Woman Darigold worker holding reigns to a black and white cow in a large green field.

Cream of the Crop

A holistic search engine optimization strategy is crucial for connecting the dots between Darigold’s marketing goals and consumer expectations for dairy products. Optimization, monitoring and evaluation ensure the strategy is nimble and can change with consumer behavior.


After launch for the new Darigold website there was a 16% increase of impressions on the blog landing page after implementing optimized content, 168% click increase on the FIT Milk product page after implementing optimized content, and 109% click increase on the About page after implementing optimized content