Urban Olympia logo.

Building a Brand and Web Presence from the Ground Up


Urban Olympia is a residential and commercial real estate developer that invests in and revitalizes downtown landscapes.

Problem Overview

With four residential properties in downtown Olympia, and more in the works, the developer wanted a brand that matched the modern, unique style of its properties, and a website for tenants and the community to engage with.


Content Strategy
Web Development

Screenshots of the Urban Olympia website.

A Foundation for Branding

We hosted a branding workshop with the Urban Olympia team to learn more about what makes their firm unique. We learned that Urban Olympia intentionally invests in urban areas to revitalize landscapes and cultivate community. The goal of every property is to create a space where people can feel connected with where they live and walk to everything they need.

Collage of young hip families laughing.

Bringing the Brand to Life

Insights and inspiration from the workshop informed verbal brand work and resulted in multiple options for mission, vision and values. Urban Olympia reviewed these brand elements with their target demographic in mind (millennials and people who love urban living) and chose options that were meaningful to the team and provided inspiration for future development.

The Urban Olympia mission shouts the firm’s ethos from the urban rooftops: Blending community, culture and convenience to build beautiful urban spaces where people can live and thrive.

Urban Olympia logo color variations.

A Logo and Color Palette Makes it Real

Our art director explored typography and color palettes to match the mood of where Urban Olympia wanted its brand to go. The logo needed to strike the right balance: classy but not elitist, down-to-earth but not blah. “We’re more like Chris Pratt, not so much Brad Pitt.”

After creating multiple word marks, type treatments and color palettes, the vibe that appears on the Urban Olympia website and marketing collateral blends abstract shapes of buildings and copper and steel blue colors to emphasize the modern, urban feel of the brand.

Showcasing Convenience, Culture and Community

The Urban Olympia website is an image forward design. The properties are featured prominently throughout to showcase each building and its amenities. The development team strategically designed paths throughout the website to guide users from portfolio listings to residential FAQs and the tenant portal. The content patterns are flexible and can grow and evolve with the development firm.