Covid-19 Microsites: Why Getting the Facts out Fast Matters

Brian Forth

Time. It’s something we seem to have more than enough of as we work from home and are isolated from the frenetic pace of an office. 

Time. It’s something we wish we had more of when we need to get ever-evolving information out to a variety of audiences while juggling a work-life balance. 

Unfortunately, in the era of Covid-19, we don’t have the luxury of time to process what constantly changing and evolving information means for our audiences who need to make decisions fast. 

So, how can just-in-time services stay ahead while simultaneously sharing timely information? 

To this end, SiteCrafting is working with several organizations to share information regarding Covid-19. These organizations provide vital information to individuals and organizations in the South Sound and beyond. 

Most recently, we launched a Covid-19 microsite for MultiCare Health System. This resource acts as a centralized hub for patients and providers looking for healthcare information related to COVID-19. From integrated assessment tools, to information for local public officials or to find opportunities to get involved, it’s all available at this microsite. 

We’ve also worked with the Tacoma/Pierce County Chamber of Commerce and the Pierce County Economic Development Board to launch the Rapid Response South Sound website — in less than one week’s time. This site serves as a resource for local businesses seeking information that is ever-changing, such as support offered through local, regional and national assistance programs (SBA, grants, etc.). It also connects businesses with experts at the Chamber who can help navigate through this disruptive time. 

We are short on time and the world and information will not wait. Microsites allow you to move fast and create an immersive experience for your audiences that can be promoted on social media and e-newsletters, as well as through blog posts and traditional media.

Time is of the essence and microsites are an effective way to share information quickly and stay relevant and connected with your audiences. The world has likely changed since you started reading this blog post. If you have questions or want talk about how we might be able to help, send me a note. We’re here to help.