Open Government

Clark/Vancouver Television (CVTV) is an award-winning government access cable channel that has been producing programming since 1983. CVTV’s mission is to educate and raise awareness of local government and community issues and events for the citizens of Vancouver and Clark County by demonstrating open government, promoting community identity and encouraging public participation.

CVTV needed a compelling new design, but function was just as important. Video is not only streamed live through their site, archived files are also available on demand. All of CVTV’s video files are hosted and streamed by Invintus Media. Invintus offers enterprise webcasting solutions developed and utilized by TVW, a non-profit organization best described as Washington state’s version of C-SPAN. SiteCrafting and Invintus worked together on the solution for CVTV.

The new website is powered by GearBox, SiteCrafting’s flagship content management system. It is integrated with Invintus Media’s video hosting and streaming services, allowing the two systems to efficiently communicate back and forth.

  • Powered by GearBox
  • Cross-browser HTML5 streaming via JWPlayer
  • Live schedule integration via Tightrope Media Systems
  • Video clip generation and sharing functionality