Design Helps Increase Lead Generation for Construction Equipment Company

Content Strategy Design Development Success Stories

Aesco Madsen is a family-owned asphalt equipment and service company that has provided technical services and products to customers for 40 years. The company needed a mobile-friendly website that reflected its dedication to providing exceptional service and products. 

Our team blended content strategy, graphic design and a website redesign to launch a user-friendly website that highlights Aesco Madsen’s products and services — and prioritizes lead generation. 

Content Strategy Brings Clarity

We started by creating a content strategy to inform the structural design of information and products on the website. Content strategy informed the design of page templates so Aesco Madsen could display company and product information in a clear and compelling way.  

Product about website page with a photo and descriptions of a piece of manufacturing equipment Company about website page featuring location and team information

Building Trust and Credibility with Design

In addition to content strategy, we used design to powerfully represent the brand and highlight services. Additionally, each product page features detailed information, product images, and strong call-to-actions to download product brochures and contact for more information. Testimonials share customer stories and the real-life impact of Aesco Madsen’s products.

A man holding a mobile phone with the Aesco Madsen website pulled up

Flexibility to Grow

The final result is a scalable website focused on lead generation with responsive design, search capabilities and an easy-to-manage back-end so that Aesco Madsen’s website can grow as the company grows.