Friday Favorites | Issue No. 3

Alyson VanCleave Aly VanCleave

“A month ago we had no idea what this new concept would look like but thanks to the resiliency and creativity of our staff we’ve been able to keep the lights on.” – Wooden City Tacoma Instagram

Resilient and creative indeed. Businesses are shining as beacons of hope for our community as they navigate this uncertain time with imagination and flair — and we are taking note. 

Get ready. Here is this week’s list of organizations and individuals inspiring us.

Favorite: SiteCrafting News

Join us in celebrating a major milestone — three SiteCrafting kids learned how to ride bikes on two wheels.

Favorite: Food & Drinks

Three cheers for restaurants that are creatively packing up their dining experiences to go. Try your hand at bartending with Wooden City’s cocktail kits. Or delight the mom in your life while you whip up chorizo gravy over buttermilk biscuits and orange-glazed currant cinnamon scones with a Mother’s Day brunch kit from Asado

Favorite: Community

We love how the YMCA and BCRA are using their empty spaces to serve our community. The YMCA is providing opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness to take showers. Last month, BCRA transformed their production room into a space for MultiCare workers to make masks.

The Pastry Project is hosting @apastryparty this weekend — a two-day virtual fundraiser for Seattle’s baking and pastry community. The fundraiser is jam-packed from 9am-8pm each day with pastry demos, classes and helpful panels hosted by local business owners and bakers. Online fundraiser + homemade sprinkle demos + tips for making chocolate sourdough cake  = the perfect combo of creative and sweet. 

Bubbles bursting with purpose — that’s the idea behind one local family’s bubble project. Joe and Ingrid Barrentine usually stick to making bubbles for their family and friends. This year, they started selling their bubbles to raise money for St. Leo’s Food Connection backpack program. For $25, they’ll drop off a giant bubble kit, complete with bubble concentrate and a wand to your house. Proceeds provide meals for children in Tacoma, Lakewood and Puyallup. 

Favorite: Experiences

Tired of your home office? Dive deep with a shark, swim with a school of fish or hang out with jellies with Zoom backgrounds by the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Businesses around the country are transforming boarded up storefronts into hopeful works of art with murals. Downtown Tacoma Partnership teamed up with SpaceWorks to launch the Rapid Mural Program “to beautify the plywood of our boarded up businesses during Covid-19.” Take a virtual walking tour to see for yourself. 

*Photo Credit: Ingrid Barrentine

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