Friday Favorites | The Sunset Edition

Jen Rittenhouse

Quarantine, amirite? I’m officially marking time with carry out orders, window garden sightings, bubble deliveries, and plants purchased from the Metro Parks conservatory; all of which have been featured in our Friday Favorites series.

We created Friday Favorites to celebrate the creativity and innovation that kept us connected with our favorite local businesses and each other for the last nine weeks. It’s a shout out to those who saw the opportunity in uncertainty. It’s to support the business owners who said “Let’s try this” and for the customers who showed up and showed out. And it’s to give our team an outlet for sharing what inspires and excites us while we are stuck at home.

This series also gave us hope and reminded us that while things are going to be uncertain and difficult for a while, it won’t always be this way. 

As we move into the phases of re-opening, it’s clear that while it won’t always be this way, it likely won’t ever be the same. Is it ever though? Tupac Shakur told us so when he said, “Things will never be the same, that’s just the way it is.”

In addition to appreciating works from the late poet Tupac, I’m an Air Force brat and have a soft spot for Memorial Day ceremonies. I’ve long admired the efforts of Wear Blue, a running community that unites and supports military families. 

This year gathering big groups to run to honor fallen service members was canceled, Memorial Day was not. So the organization pivoted and hosted a virtual run. Almost 9,000 people ran a collective 35,000 miles and shared photos and stories on social media. A powerful reminder that even though we can’t be together we can stay connected with causes, memories and each other. 

At SiteCrafting we call ourselves problem solvers in a digital world. In our final edition of Friday Favorites, we salute those who are problem-solving in an uncertain world. Staying connected is at the heart of the creativity and innovation we have celebrated for the last few weeks. As things continue to be in a state of ever-changing, we look forward to seeing what transpires. 

In closing, additional inspo from Pac: Did you hear about the rose that grew from concrete? 

Cover photo credit: Joe Nicholson