Gift Guide For Creatives

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Angie Carson

Gift ideas for creatives that love to sketch, make things, and yes, make the logo bigger.

We pulled together some practical gift ideas to give the graphic designer, writer, or social media specialist in your life.

  • A good camera lens to take frame-worthy pictures and don’t forget a portable hard drive to backup all your photos.
  • A stylus for making work that needs to be done on a tablet or phone easier or for adding a little extra flair to your Instagram Stories.
  • A good playlist for writing or designing. When you need music that will help you concentrate, our favorite office playlist includes movie score soundtracks like How to Train Your Dragon or Inception.
  • Endless amounts of inspiration. But there’s always this idea mist just in case.
  • A good notebook and this set of clever pencils. Not just any notebook will do. We know designers prefer a nice hardcover notebook like this one or a classic Moleskin.
  • A lifetime subscription to iStockphoto.
  • Coffee fuels designers. Give them a fun mug like this one or this one.
  • An ergonomic set up is a must. We like this laptop stand that has two adjustable heights.
  • Wireless noise-canceling headphones for when you’re in the zone and need to focus. These and these are office favorites (are you noticing a trend here across our gift guides?)
  • And of course, make your logo bigger cream.

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