Gift Guide for People Who Work in an Open Office

Around the Office
Angie Carson

Looking for practical gift ideas for a coworker, friend, or fellow SiteCrafter?

If they work in an open office (like we do), then this list has our top picks:

  • Blue light filtering glasses because if you’re working in an open office, you’re likely in the tech industry and spend a lot of time on your computer.
  • Grey hoodie. It can be a zip-up or pullover, but it’s part of our unofficial office uniform.
  • Yeti mug to keep your coffee extra hot so you don’t have to walk to the microwave three times to warm it up.
  • Wireless noise-canceling headphones for when you need to focus and drown out the noise. These and these are office favorites.
  • Snuggie or desktop fan to keep you warm or cool you down, because controlling the temperature in an open office is difficult.
  • Nerf Guns and open offices go hand in hand. Make sure you’re prepared for the next fight with one that can hold a lot of darts.
  • A plant for your desk. Go for a ZZ plant or a snake plant, both of which don’t require a lot of light or water and won’t die when you leave for a week-long vacation.
  • A letter board to say express what you’re feeling, without having to say it out loud.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes because when flu and cold season hits in an open office, everyone gets sick.
  • Uber Eats Pass or Door Dash Pass because when you’re working under a deadline or get in the zone you can’t always leave for lunch.

Don’t forget a gift for the cute office dogs:

  • Nyla Bones are a perfect toy for office dogs. They won’t squeak, they last a long time, and they won’t leave a pile of stuffing that has been ripped out of a toy lying around.
  • Raincoat because rain or shine, a dog has to do its business, and nobody in the office loves the smell of a wet dog.
  • Dog treats – Some office dogs can be wary of coworkers or strangers, but there is no better way to make a new doggy friend than with some treats.

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