Gift Guide for Project Managers

Around the Office
Angie Carson

Gift ideas for the project managers who keep us on track, make all the things happen for our projects, and ensure our clients are happy.

  • Coffee to help keep them going, and going, and going, and going….
  • You Had Me at Gantt Chart T-shirt because we know how much project managers love a good chart.
  • An everlasting supply of Post-it notes because you can never have enough.
  • Exact estimates, which lead to projects that are exactly on time and exactly on budget. Or, it might be easier to get them this unicorn.
  • Strength-Based Leadership helps you understand your strengths as well as invest in others’ strengths. It’s a great book to become a more effective leader.
  • A big bag of chocolate for when they’re running between meetings but need to satisfy their sweet tooth.
  • Chair massager for those extra stressful days.
  • Never missed deadlines, amirite?
  • makes facilitating agile retrospectives with distributed teams incredibly easy. Bonus, it’s free!
  • And, for those days when you might need a good cry, may we suggest a good bear hug, or grab a tech-savvy friend and make one of these pillows that will play your favorite song as it detects tears.

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