Gift Guide for Strategists

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Angie Carson

Gift ideas for the strategists in your office who love to dig into data, are happiest when they’re solving problems, and are constantly running off to meetings.

  • For the person who’s often running to off-site meetings, this travel cord organizer helps keep everything so you don’t leave accidentally leave the dongle that connects your laptop to the projector behind.
  • Alcohol to help get through the mental blocks. This is our user experience team’s current favorite drink.
  • A rolling whiteboard and markers because how else are you supposed to brainstorm?
  • An everlasting supply of Post-it notes for workshops, brainstorming, and keeping track of updates on projects.
  • Wireless noise-canceling headphones for when you need to shut out the noise and focus. These Plantronics headphones and these Bose headphones are office favorites. (Surprise, surprise – everyone on our team has these on their list!)
  • Deadlines that don’t all hit at the same time. Although it might be easier to get them this candle to help them stay focused and power through.
  • A giant confetti cannon to celebrate wrapping up a big project or finding out that your research hypothesis was correct.
  • Uber Eats Pass or Door Dash Pass because when you’re working under a deadline or get in the zone you can’t always leave for lunch.
  • A lifetime subscription to Moz.
  • Free time that isn’t spent in meetings to actually be strategic. Having time to think, research, and execute ideas is when we get to do our best work.

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