Goal-Setting Workshops: What Happens and Why You Need Them

Project Management Strategy
Ross Abplanalp

So you want to start a project? You gather materials together, start talking with people and get to work. And then it’s off into a series of unfortunate events where things are built, demolished and re-created. 

To avoid this terrific back and forth of building, revising, revising some more and revising again, we developed Goal-Setting Workshops to kick off each of our projects. 

What Happens in a Workshop

During these sessions, we cut through variations of three simple questions:

  • What are your goals? 
  • Who is your audience? 
  • What actions will they be taking? 

That’s it. Well not really, there’s usually a fair amount of discussion that goes into these workshops. Depending on how many people you have in the room, there can be a variety of different perspectives and each can be in alignment or, in some cases, not so much. 

That said, the more alignment, the less leveling or discussion, but there’s always some specific point that needs to be unpacked with both the group and our team.

Goal Setting Workshops: What Happens and Why You Need Them 1          Goal Setting Workshops: What Happens and Why You Need Them 2

Why Goal-Setting is Essential

Competing priorities exist within every organization and often come out during these discussions. Whether it’s a donate button on a nonprofit’s website or driving web visitors to a lead generator form, gathering stakeholders together helps get everyone on the same page and working in the same direction at the beginning of the project. This work sets the tone for the rest of the project and beyond.

One of the most important aspects of these workshops is the diversity of stakeholders. Although we can operate our project with an individuals perspective, the real magic happens when we have a diverse group of stakeholders from different departments. Each stakeholder brings their own considerations, perspectives and values to the discussion. 

Participation from a diverse group also ensures alignment for the project right out of the gate for our clients and our team. We get to hear first-hand not only what you need, but more importantly, why you need it.

A Workshop for Next Level Understanding

Just like every project we are involved with, things change. And with that, we do too. We iterate and test to see what works well and what we can improve on. One of the more recent additions to our goal-setting workshop is the introduction of the Cores and Paths module. 

Cores and Paths takes discovery to the next level by diving into a mini customer journey session. We start by identifying the core functionality of the website/tool/project. Then we determine how users arrive at the core and where they should go after accomplishing their task.

Goal-setting workshops are a key part of our process because they help projects run efficiently from start to finish. Not only that, but workshops also improve the experience for website visitors so people can focus on what they want to accomplish and avoid unnecessary distractions.

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