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Since 1970, Lane Transit District in Oregon has been providing transit services to Eugene, Springfield, and the surrounding communities. They work with many partners, from city, county, and state agencies, schools, chambers of commerce, and area employers to provide transportation services that improve the quality of life in their community.

Lane Transit District knew of our work on the Pierce Transit site and wanted similar real-time functionality. The navigation on their site had become cumbersome and didn’t allow visitors to easily access information. In addition to a new public site, LTD also wanted a Point of Sale system that their employees could use to sell bus passes and manage inventory.

The new site features real-time information such as route closures and delays, as well as bus positioning to let riders know exactly where their bus is at any given moment. Users can log in to their account to view past bus pass purchases, saved payment options, and their favorite routes and trips, including real time information on any delays. A stand alone mobile site is route-focused for users on the go.

The Point of Sale system was custom built for LTD. We researched how Lane Transit employees interacted with clients and conducted transactions. We created a solution that operates in a browser window and works with the touchscreen monitors at LTD. The POS integrates with the custom inventory control system, which handles multiple retail outlets for bus passes. Additionally, the LTD online store integrates with the physical POS, allowing customers to purchase items online and opt to pick them up in person.

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