Launching and Branding SiteCrafting’s First Software Product

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Jen Rittenhouse

For more than a year, the project went by a code name. It was built on time that was borrowed and begged for with the ambitious goal to transform user experiences and empower website administrators. 

As features developed and the project moved closer to launch, we needed to brand our software product. It needed a name that was memorable, a brand mark that was unique and a website that was kick ass. 

There was no shortage of ideas when it came to a name for our product. In my experience, naming brands and babies is some of the hardest work I’ve done. The pressure to get it right and set the trajectory for the darling is serious. Thankfully we have a teammate with an affinity for acronyms. The name Sitka was proposed, inspired by the blend of features that make our product powerful: SiteCrafting’s Insights, Tools and Knowledge Assistant. We settled on Sitka Insights. 

We had a name. 

What followed was a branding blur. Conversations with the project team brought informed personality, mission and vision. While we were creating a brand from scratch, we knew the real power of the brand would come through bottling up the personality and expertise of the team who created Sitka Insights to properly articulate the power it promises for users. 

We developed our messaging using the Know-Feel-Do Framework. Key messages, website design, copy, verbal branding, email templates and marketing and communications plans followed. 

The website design is a simple yet sophisticated showcase of the Sitka Insights dashboard that guides users through the product features, FAQs and the About page. We also planted a few Easter eggs to delight and engage in unexpected ways (hot tip: Telford’s bio is a must-read).

Without further ado, our brand showcase:

Our logo


Launching and Branding SiteCrafting’s First Software Product 2


Our mission

Smart websites. Empowered users. 

Our vision 

To be the indispensable tool for websites.

Our personality 
  • Reliable, sincere, innovative and clever
  • Sophisticated but approachable
  • Quirky
Our product in <280 characters

Sitka Insights is software that integrates search, feedback, alerts and user behavior so web administrators/managers can use that information to improve their websites.

Just the beginning

Branding was a journey and, as we launch our new product, we know the journey is just beginning. We believe brands are living, breathing and constantly evolving. Sitka Insights is just getting started. Get to know Sitka Insights and schedule your demo to see how it works.