MailChimp Expands to a Full-Service Marketing Platform

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Zackariya Lan

Last week, MailChimp, a popular email service tool which was specifically designed for small businesses, revealed the launch of their full-service marketing platform.

This brand new marketing platform is useful for small teams who would benefit from having all the marketing tools in one place. This can save time by being organized and making marketing campaigns easier to plan and execute.

New features in their new “All-In-One Marketing Platform” includes:

  • Audience Dashboards
  • Customer Insights
  • Landing Pages
  • Facebook and Remarketing Ads
  • Social Posts
  • Signup Forms
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • App Integration
  • Reports & Analytics and more

Why Create an All-In-One Marketing Platform?

MailChimp was born to assist small businesses with their marketing, mainly email-based services, and will stay true to continue helping these businesses with around 11 million active users. Ben Chestnut, MailChimp co-founder, said in his blog, “our customers have been asking for years for us to build something that would enable them to do all of their marketing in one place.” This new marketing platform helps small businesses with lower budgets contend with their big budget competitors.

How Does it Affect Current Users?

Current MailChimp users will not see any changes in their experience and subscription fees if they choose to stay with the traditional platform for the time being. Ben said, “current customers will be able to stay on their pricing plan as long as they like until they choose to upgrade.” However, he advised the current users to upgrade their plan in order to expand their marketing power, which creates more opportunities for general business growth.

Future of MailChimp

By listening to their customers’ needs, MailChimp is changing the marketing platform game by empowering small businesses. Undoubtedly, there will be improvements being made concerning this expansion, nonetheless, MailChimp is on its way to deliver a robust all-in-one marketing platform to many businesses and organizations around the world.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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