Our First Sound To Narrows Race Was A Success

Angie Carson

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

Last Saturday when most people were still under the covers, hours away from their morning coffee, a handful of my SiteCrafting employees (myself included), joined 5000 other friends for the 42nd running of the Sound To Narrows.

It all kicked off last March when we launched a redesigned S2N site for our long time client Multicare Health System. We create a lot of websites for a lot of industries at SiteCrafting, but as a runner, there wasn’t a project I could connect to more. I thought there was no better opportunity for us to dive in and put a team together to participate.

I expected this to be a hard sell. Not to SiteCrafting leadership; they love getting involved in the community. The difficulty would be convincing my coworkers. I only knew of one other possible runner in the building and S2N teams needed a minimum of twenty….TWENTY! Meaning I had to convince 18 more people that not only is being up early on a Saturday fun, but they could spend it running…for a long time…in the cold…AND it would be really fun. I figured the one thing going for me in my quest was there were so many options for different activity levels.

Between the diaper dash, 5k, 12k runs and walks I thought I might be able to pull it off. As emails went out and I started asking around it turned out to not be a hard sell at all. Some coworkers surprised me skipping the 5k and going all in by signing up for the 12k. In the end, between coworkers, friends, and family our team totaled 26!

It was so fun over the weeks leading up to it hearing their stories and seeing everybody getting into their training through our Connect page. Nothing like getting active, having fun, and being healthy in a sport I love so much. Thats what it’s all about.

I personally haven’t run a marathon before but I do really enjoy 10-12k runs which put S2N right up my alley. Plus my family and I love spending time down at Owen Beach and in the 5 Mile Drive trails that make up a large portion of the race.

While I spend most my time running solo…well with my Weimaraner, Aspen, race day did not disappoint. There’s just nothing like the environment of running with thousands of others who share your passion. Everybody was in such a great mood and the streets were lined with bystanders cheering us on. You never had to look far to see somebody encouraging somebody else. Such a fun club to be apart of.

The course did have its set of challenges. I hit hills in my normal runs but I was faced with several that stretched on for what seemed like forever. However the views during the run made it worth it. The 5 mile loop gave us picturesque sights of the Narrows Bridge, Puget Sound, and all from under a canopy of trees. At one point, as I ran along the back side of our other long time client Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, I had 2 large muskox run along the fence line with me. Such a great experience!

You don’t even have to take my word on it. Here are some thoughts from some of the 2014 team:

Sarah, Director of Operations

“It was great that there were plenty of options for those of us that don’t run marathons regularly. I loved that my 4 year old could participate! It’s definitely something I think kids can really enjoy. And I now know for a fact that it’s easy to complete the 5k walk in a reasonable amount of time, at a petite 4 year-old’s half-distracted walking pace.”

Kirk, Senior Web Developer

“We plan on doing the walk/run next year for sure. I, personally, would like to do the run instead of the walk next year. I’ll start training a week before the race :)! My family and I didn’t come in last for the 5k walk, but we were dang close to last. The pace car was picking up traffic cones at our heels at one point. haha. It was like the Steven King movie, “The Langoliers”.”

Mandi, Marketing & Social Media Manager

“I had a great time and got a kick out of the fact that we had people participating in each event, from the diaper dash all the way up to the 12k. I ran with a couple friends and clocked my fastest time yet. Can’t wait for next year!”

AJ Gordon, CFO:

“I thought it was well organized with great volunteer support which made the run extremely enjoyable; we will definitely be doing it again next year.”

2014 SiteCrafting Sound To Narrows Team

Overall everybody had a blast, and most my fellow SiteCrafters even broke records for themselves. To top it off it looks like we just started a new tradition. This was just the 1st of our new yearly SiteCrafting running of Sound To Narrows. So if you’ve ever thought about joining a race, getting active and having a blast, join me and team SiteCrafting next year. We’d love to have you. I promise it won’t disappoint.

To see more pictures of our S2N adventures be sure to check out our SiteCrafting Facebook page.