Andrzej Koziol

Web Production Manager

Fascinated about how simple pieces can amount to highly complex systems

Andrezj “Axel” Koziol began working at SiteCrafting in 2005.  As a Web Production Manager, he coordinates project development and rolls up his sleeves to help on development efforts. Axel excels in building web tools that make complex systems seem easy.

Before working at SiteCrafting, Axel worked in construction where he learned that a successful work environment needs employees who can communicate well, be responsible, and have a strong work ethic. Axel received his Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology from Clover Park Technical College. His ability to spot possible pain points in systems and find solutions contributes to the success of many client projects. Axel’s attention to detail and ability to analyze interfaces from multiple perspectives helps him build tools that are easy and intuitive to use.

Outside of the office, Axel enjoys water sports, classic cars, and working on home improvement projects.

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