Coby Tamayo

Senior Developer

Thriving on making people’s work & lives easier

In 2015, Coby Tamayo joined SiteCrafting as a Web Application Developer. He brings a variety of skills to including software design and architecture, object-oriented and functional programming, a deep knowledge of WordPress, and the ability to quickly learn new tools and languages.

After graduating from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Computer Science, he worked on complex user interfaces for a large customer service department and other developers. These projects honed his skill at identifying automatable work and designing systems to automate it. He is great at recognizing the kinds of problems that software can and cannot solve, understanding the problems experienced by users, and seeing and implementing the right solutions.

When he’s not working on an application for a client or a new tool for his teammates, Coby enjoys playing music with his weird rock band, Fang Chia.

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Coby holding a quartz-looking salt lick
Coby dressed up in Muppet costume

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